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There comes a new BIMachine. More than novelty, an evolutionary framework!

A new version of BIMachine, fully repaginated in every way - visual, usability, performance and more? WE HAVE!

That's what comes around, from September 1st. All our users will receive the new version, whose creation involved more than 600 hours of design, prototyping, meetings and system development.

A project resulting from the continuous effort and attention of our team with the delivery of the best user experience. Our solution is increasingly robust, increasingly user friendly, increasingly suitable for all types of business.

Of course we know how a change can be traumatic. Therefore, from the outset we are concerned with preparing a smooth transition of users to the new version, doing this through gradual deliveries and keeping elements in a similar way to the previous version, which ensures that each user has the time to get used to the news, without losing sight of the resources you need.

Our changes will be delivered in the following sequence:

· Layout;

· Publishers;

· Administrative Screens;

· Re-styling Dashboards;

· Improvements and New Features;

With this, today's users will be able to access every new feature of their time, adapt to it, and continue to feel at home with our BI, without training to use the new BIMachine.

Already the new users will start from a completely renewed solution, still more intuitive and dynamic.

Stay on top of what's coming in the first installment, browse through the slideshow and follow the screens we prepared from the old vs. new version.

All active customers will receive the updates for free. Everything will be delivered according to the completion of the development and testing, with a gradual increase in software performance and performance.

Check out what our CEO have to say about the new BIMachine:

With the improvements in interface, process flow and performance, we expect our customers to have a productivity increase of up to 80% over the previous version.

Douglas Scheibler


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