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BIMachine launches new mobile version

BIMachine Platform and new mobile version
BIMachine Platform

The new mobile version of BIMachine - Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics (BA) software in BI self-service format has just arrived. It's a more intuitive, friendly and agile version.

The new version brings to the mobile environment the Cockpits of the web version of the software, that is to say: when creating an information directory in the web platform, the user starts to count with it automatically reflected in the BIMachine App, improving the organization and navigation of the data.

A new navigation menu unique to the App has also been created, with a layout that adapts to the standardization of the operating system of the iOS or Android device.

"In this way, all the best practices we implement in the operating system engine are reflected directly in the native BIMachine Mobile layout," comments Augusto Fleck, CTO of BIMachine.

Another difference of the new BIMachine Mobile is to enable Business Intelligence (BI) software navigation in offline mode, an important function to optimize management and decision making in Internet-free environments. The feature is very useful, for example, for field teams when they are in places without web access.

For BIMachine customers, the good news is that using the new App will not generate any cost.

"Mobile apps are an extension of the BIMachine platform. Thus, they are not treated as a separate product, eliminating additional costs or access limitations, "says Fleck.

In addition, all BIMachine users will receive free updates to the mobile application. Those who need help adapting to the news can count on training provided by SOL7, a service partner of BIMachine, and with access to explanatory content through webinars and digital materials available at

"The new App also has an introductory interface on key features, which makes it very easy and intuitive to use by customers. It is also possible to define a specific order for the visualization of analytical objects in BIMachine Mobile. Therefore, when the user develops a dashboard inside the platform, he can specify the order that the information of this dashboard will be visualized on mobile devices, guaranteeing a better user experience when accessing this dashboard through the App, "adds Fleck.


It is not only BIMachine customers who have advantages with the new mobile version, the reseller channels of the solution also win.

According to Fleck, the novelty adds to the portfolio of partners a complete Analytics solution already inserted in the era of corporate mobility.

"It's an important differential against the competition," concludes the CTO.

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