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New Functions - Dashboards and Cockpits Component Palette

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We have developed some new features and components for dashboards and cockpits on the BIMachine platform and we will share with you a little about each one.

New Components Palette in Dashboards Assembly:

  • New features have been added to the sidebar's object addition palette.

  • You will now have much more flexibility when setting up your panels.

new components in dashobaords assembly
New Components

LABEL: This component allows you to write a sentence without a line break, observing the maximum limit of 50 characters, it is also possible to change the font type and color - ideal for use in titles. A box with the preview of the label can be viewed.

TEXT: The Common Text Box was already known in the tool, however, the number of characters has been enlarged and it is possible to set font, color and size of text.

HTML: This component still opens HTML box. In it it is possible to use from common text functions to proper HTML components and if the user has knowledge in the language he can use pure HMTL.

IMAGE: In this component the user can upload any image, facilitating the visual understanding of its panel.

ICON: You can choose icons in a complete library of images pre-configured on our platform, and you can choose your preferred color.

Some compenents Examples:

Components Examples
Components Examples

Simplified creation of dashboards and cockpits:

  • Creating dashboards has never been so simple! In the older versions of the BIMachine platform, when creating a new dashboard, the user made all the configuration in the menu of creation of the same one. Now, with the feature update, the settings and features are added to the dashboard through the side menu.

  • In the new menu you are informed only of the path, name, description of the dashboard and whether the object is enabled for mobile devices.

Creation of Dashoboards page
Creation of Dashoboards

Functionality in Side Tab:

  • All of the features previously only available in the steps are now handy at any time in the toolbar.

Side Tab screen
Side Tab Functionalities

We hope you enjoyed this brief explanation of our new features. We are always available to answer any questions!

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