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Have your own Marketplace

Become our partner.

Analytics Marketplace

Tailored to your customers

To further customize the BIMachine Partner Portal, each partner can structure their own Marketplace, according to their expertise and business areas to focus on. As well as, develop and create your own Apps, generating more recurring revenue opportunity.

Imagem Insights

Insights and Innovation.

Simplify the discovery and analysis of information at any level of decision, allowing from operational to strategic level can analyzing and act about this informations.  

Imagem Agilidade

Agility in implantation.

Focus more on your company strategy. The whole concept was thought and studied so that adjustments are only necessary according to the particularity of each business.

Imagem Integração

ERPs integration.

Pre-defined connectors for easy integration with any type of ERP.

Ilustração da BIMStore

Count on an ecosystem prepared for your needs:

Ecosistema BIMachine

Your clients satisfied

Come and be a partner.

Become your clients more satisfied, with manager informations, quickly, precise and visual.  

Imagem Produtos

Amplify your offers and create new products and services. 

Imagem Receita

Generate new incoming ways for your company.

Imagem Store

BIM Store (analytic apps ready for use and offer to your clients).

Imagem Cloud

Innovative cloud-based SAAS solution without investment in infrastructure and licensing.

Imagem Visibilidade

Increase your products and your company visibility.

Imagem Academy

Certify you and your clients on BIMachine Academy. 

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