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Being a BIMachine partner is increasing revenue generation. That simple!

The benefits of becoming a BIMachine partner are several. One of them, for example, is to increase the portfolio, complementing the offer with Data Intelligence software enabled with the latest trends in the global market, a knowledge platform and services in BI and a complete automation solution for the collection and management of information, as well as content analysis and delivery of constructive insights. But in this post we will stick to another gain: the financial.

Acting as a sales and service channel for BIMachine has a high potential to increase the partner's profitability through several fronts.

One is the increase in sales possibilities. As mentioned above, the partnership increases the partner's portfolio, enabling him to enter into customers through offers that he did not previously have. With this partnership, it is possible for companies from any segment of Technology or Business Consulting to win new customers or to extend the base contracts through Business Intelligence without having to make any investment in development or know how in this area.

Another front is the earnings per subscription. In the SaaS model, BIMachine offers this format, which does not require the commitment of financial resources in the payment for programs or licenses, as with traditional software, installed "in the house" of the client. In the subscription model, the sale is more flexible, since it guarantees the customer the possibility to buy only the number of permissions for users that they need at any moment, and this opens opportunities for the partner to evaluate the real customer demand, entering with a much more consultative sale from the financial point of view as well, which will increase the trust in both the number of subscriptions and the number of contracted resources / modules.

Therefore, the partner will not only earn the sale of the bonded license: with each growth in demand, there will be growth of the partner's earnings. That simple.

It is also worth remembering that the payment of the subscription of SaaS provides for maintenance tasks, ie: another front of gain for the partner, in the area of ​​services provided.

With BIMachine, the partner also has the potential of the BIM Store, market place with analytic apps ready for the channel to use and offer to its customers, further enhancing the portfolio and generating revenue.

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