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Case: Souto Correa

Souto Correa modernizes management with BIMachine Platform.

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The Souto Correa Advogados office has adopted the BIMachine Business Intelligence platform with the objective of transforming the large amount of data produced internally into strategic information, allowing top management to understand the organization's performance in a clear and objective way, thus reducing , the risk in running the expanding business.

With strong growth since its foundation in 2013, the company has four units in Brazil, located in Brasilia, Porto Alegre, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The organization is made up of experienced lawyers and a qualified team to serve clients from Brazil and abroad in all areas of Business Law.

The internal project team integrated with the financial / administrative area and support / support of the company was responsible for conducting the project and implementation.

"Before defining what tool we would adopt, we did extensive research with various software vendors that fit our need. This research was important because we were able to understand a little more about the subject and its utilities and thus to define in a mature way the solution that we would use, "said Saul Maciel, Administrative Manager of the organization.

For Maciel, despite the short time of use of BIMachine, we can already affirm that it is much more than a management information tool. With it, we have developed custom indicators and dashboards that can be accessed by company users to identify, for example, hours worked: by lawyers, clients, project, type of project, among others; without the direct involvement of the IT staff. "Before, each lawyer stored the client's indicator information on their computer, limiting access and identifying possible problems that occur during the processes. Having the real-time information of what is happening in the day to day business is the main benefit, today our response time to problems is immediate, consistently reducing the possible causes that this may cause."

The integration of the BIMachine platform with the enterprise management system (ERP) used in the company was simple and transparent. With the integrated platforms, the organization has an advantage over competitors. "Our idea is to integrate the entire company in the platform, always with the intention of bringing summary and consistent information to the decision makers," Maciel concludes.

For Douglas Scheibler, CEO of BIMachine, the company seeks to track and strengthen corporate growth on a daily basis by offering innovative solutions and services. "We work focused on meeting the particularities of the market and making our customers more competitive with our technology. When we prioritize development, good relationships and mutual trust, we achieve good results and grow together, "says the executive.

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