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Case: Peccin

Peccin Logo

Peccin, which has been on the market for 60 years and a reference for candies and chocolates in Brazil, has adopted the BIMachine business intelligence solution. The project will be implemented by the internal team together with the BIMachine consultancy.

Peccin candy

Founded in Erechim in 1956, the industry is one of the leading Brazilian exporters of delicacies, marketing its products to more than 70 countries spread across 5 continents.

According to sales intelligence coordinator Anderson Piram, the use of tools that accelerate the collection, tabulation and reading of operational data and results is the key to efficient company management, helping the board to make strategic decisions, especially for moves expansion and investments.

"With BIMachine we will accelerate the collection of information that will give us a full view of the company's performance, as well as bring us support in any commercial and strategic decision making," Piram points out.

Peccin company
Peccin Headquarter in Erechim - Rio Grande do Sul

"Until then, we used reports and spreadsheets. With BIMachine, the data will be in a single layer and can be accessed at any time, including via mobile, "explains Alberto Chaves, IT Coordinator, Peccin.

Chaves explains that until then, without the support of BI, "to have access to information it was necessary to access several databases for a single report, making numerous connections on different bases, depending on the type of query. The time spent for this is very large and therefore becomes a more expensive activity and the more the platform can support and streamline our work, the more time we will have to dedicate to improvement and innovation activities. "

I hope you liked it! Peccin is one of our biggest customer, we are very proud of how much they have grown since BIMachine was implemented.

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