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The JOMHÉDICA company from Porto Alegre and branch office in Palhoça, SC, has just deployed the BIMachine business intelligence platform. The company, which has more than 20 years of tradition in the medical community, operates in the medical-surgical segment, in all the southern region (RS, SC and PR), and its product mix surpasses 10,000 items, which are offered in several specialties.

Faced with the mission of serving a growing number of customers and overcoming the competition, the company assessed its main adversities. Among them was the time spent to generate information with ERP TOTVs, which prevented the agility necessary in the day to day and the identification of the characteristics and profile of the market, combined with the product mix offered. "We needed to know our customers better, to have information to support better decisions in a personalized way for each customer," says Messias Soares, director of JOMHÉDICA.

With the need to look for a management solution that was compatible with the managerial and strategic aspirations, the company made a series of presentations and judicious technical evaluations with three market players. The choice was made by the BIMachine platform, according to Soares, "among the companies we evaluated and negotiated, the BIMachine platform had the most appropriate software features and quality that suited our reality."

After identification of key users in each sector, the internal team together with the SMB company, which conducts the IT consultancy, and BIMachine consultants, started the project implementation in April 2016. Shortly after the implementation, the company succeeded in the support it needed to identify the characteristics and the profile of the market served. "Today, we have the support we need to get metrics and data specific to each customer and region. With the data in hand, the bargaining power only increased, boosting the business to meet the demands. The control of each information is more dynamic, which gives us more assertiveness when making decisions. This year, despite a tumultuous moment, we have already grown 26% in relation to 2015 "celebrates Soares.

For Douglas Scheibler, CEO of BIMachine, the company seeks to monitor and strengthen business growth on a daily basis by offering innovative solutions and services. "We work focused on meeting the particularities of the market and making our customers more competitive with our technology. When we prioritize development, good relationships and mutual trust, we achieve good results and grow together ", concludes the executive.

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