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Case: Gota Limpa

Logo Gota Limpa
Logo Gota Limpa

Gota Limpa: Industry Bertolini, known as the Gota Limpa brand, started in 2015 the process of implementing the BIMachine solution in its commercial processes.

The project started in January, carried out by the IT team of Gota Limpa itself, with the support of BIMahcine's commercial and consulting team. The platform's implementation should extend to other areas of the company in the coming months.

According to William Scatola, the company's IT coordinator, the project with BIMachine was necessary due to the company's growth, which used only data provided by reports extracted from ERP Datasul.

"With the growth the company has presented in recent years and the positive estimate for 2015, it was necessary to invest in an analytical platform that would deliver advanced collaboration, navigation and agility in analyzing the organization's data," says Scatola.

The company's investment in BI follows other IT-related improvements that Gota Limpa has been doing since 2014. In recent years, the company has grown approximately 15%. By 2015, the estimate is for growth of 10%.

Bertolini's Company Headquarters
Bertolini's Company Headquarters

Beginning in October, with the observation of BI results, the IT department will evaluate the possibility of implementing its budget control using the BIMachine platform.

Gota Limpa produces and sells hygiene and cleaning solutions for southern Brazil, Africa and South America.

Located in the municipality of Imigrante, in Rio Grande do Sul, the industry has more than 200 employees, who produce 3.4 million liters of liquid products monthly, 350 tons of bar soaps and 400 tons of laundry powder.

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