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Case: Miolo Wine Group

MIOLO - winery

Miolo, the largest Brazilian exporter and leader in the national fine wine market, changed the system to improve the extraction and analysis of data, avoiding errors, reworking and wasting hours on functions that can be automated.

The goal is to improve data extraction and analysis as well as automate the entire process, avoiding wasted hours on tasks that can be done with more assertiveness by the software.

Miolo Automating management processes

The corporate IT coordinator of the Miolo Group, Daniel Westerlund, says that with the previously used BI, users had to transcribe the data manually from the system to spreadsheets, which wasted time and opened up possibilities for human errors.

"BIMachine automates this process by extracting content from the database itself, which does away with the task of manual transcription, resulting in an average saving of approximately 3 hours per day," says Westerlund.

Implemented by SOL7 Decision Technology/BIMachine, a company from Lajeado-RS specializing in ICT consulting, in partnership with Miolo's own technology team, BIMachine extracts the information directly from the wine database software. In addition, the system is able to detect failures in the data extraction and generation process, with warnings that notify those responsible in case of errors so that they are corrected in time to avoid the issue of erroneous automatic reports.

"The automation brought by BIMachine will allow us to optimize the workforce, freeing people who were previously tied to data generation and transcription functions for more strategic tasks such as analyzing information. This enhances the analytical and collaborative capacity of the team, opens up space for greater participation in strategic processes and enables the creation of improvements in the operation, "adds Westerlund.

Implementing Business Intelligence (BI)

According to the IT coordinator, the expectation of using BIMachine is for productivity gain. Only in the Commercial and Controlling areas, the manager expects to reach a 60% increase.

Miolo produces more than 50 labels produced in four wine projects in four different regions of Brazil – Winery Valley (Miolo Winery), Southern Campaign (Seival Winery), Central Campaign (Almadén Winery) and São Francisco Valley (Terranova Winery ), in addition to having international partnerships. The company is the largest exporter of Brazilian wines, being among the three main producers of sparkling wines.

Winery Valley - Bento Gonçalves - Rio Grande do Sul
MIOLO - Winery Valley - Bento Gonçalves - Rio Grande do Sul

To support a fast-growing business, BIMachine's automation and analytical intelligence were critical - so much so that the company is already studying the expansion of BI usage, which should be implemented across all departments by the end of 2017.

"We were very well taken care of by SOL7's/BIMachine consulting and implementation team, which has differentials of knowledge and commitment. These are characteristics that are making a difference in the acceleration of the BI project, "comments Westerlund.

Agility in processes

Augusto Fleck, CTO of SOL7/BIMachine, points out that the software is aimed at optimizing the time of users, who spend less time to set up reports and more to analyze data. "Thus, employees in all areas can make informed decisions that are rich and useful. BIMachine gives the user the power to have information, perform queries and analyzes and generate personalized reports at any time, from anywhere, adding intelligence to the work and management of the company, "says the executive.

About BIMachine

BIMachine is a complete platform for creating analytic applications in Cloud. With it we can develop, homologate and offer analytical applications for the most diverse segments and sizes. More information:

About SOL7

SOL7 was founded in 2006, has more than 300 projects implemented over the course of its 10 years. Headquartered in Lajeado and commercial office in Porto Alegre, it operates in the development of Business Intelligence Solution (BI) that serves companies of all sizes and segments. The efficient operation of SOL7 with BIMachine is complemented by specialized consultancies.

About Miolo

The Miolo Group has a productive capacity of 12 million liters of fine and sparkling wines, has the largest area of ​​own vineyards in the Country, with 950 hectares. In the last ten years, Miolo Wine Group has invested in production expansion, which has not lacked attention to cutting-edge technology, which is part of the current investment in the BIMachine platform.

In a short time, Miolo grew and consolidated in the Brazilian market of fine wines. Although the family worked in viticulture since 1897, it started commercial wine production only in 1990. The first wine of the brand Miolo was a merlot produced with the grapes of the Vinhedos Valley, headquarters of the company. In 20 years, the company has become a leader in the domestic fine wine market. The companies of the group produce 12 million liters of fine wines and have the largest area of ​​vineyards in Brazil, with 1,150 ha, all of grapes, driven by the vertical system (espaldeira). More information:

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