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The market announces: BI and Analytics are the investment of the time

Intelligent, deep, and well-driven data analysis is critical to successful process management across all areas of a business. This is done with BI and Analytics.

This is a maxim that the market is increasingly demonstrating: according to a Forbes Insights study, nearly two-thirds of the 449 executives surveyed see in self-service data analysis a significant competitive advantage and that 60% of companies plan to accelerate their investments in self-service BI and Analytics in the short term.

Already in the ERP Portal survey, in which almost 5,000 companies answered about the ERP Market Overview in Brazil, the companies heard have a focus on immediate investments, dashboard and cockpits tools and data analysis.

When asked: What will be the company's main investment focus?

The answers were:

1st place - Extraction and Data Analysis (Big Data / BI / Analytics) 25%

2nd place - Dashboards / Balanced ScoreCard 23%

So for 48% of companies investing in analytical resources is an urgent and convincing need.

Forbes, 50% believe that BI Self-Service helps find the most valuable information for the business, since this model allows to list features directly linked to the real demands of every moment of the companies.

According to Forbes' survey, companies are more likely to invest in Business Intelligence (BI) and APPs Analytics software that can analyze information from any device, that is: the cloud concept will increasingly be the favorite of managers, for allowing access to fundamental data to guide operations and decisions from anywhere, at any time.


But why the interest in APPs Analytics?

First, according to the surveys, due to practicality and governance issues, since in companies of the most diverse sizes and sectors information is generated from a variety of sources, but must be centralized and analyzed in a single tool that facilitates access, classification and use to improve processes and decisions.

Therefore, the APPs Analytics model, in which the company invests in the modules that best meet each stage of its strategic cycle, works better than investing in expensive, full-blown tools that will be underutilized and will not bring the necessary return in generation of useful dashboards for the business.

While many try to be the next boom in the market, there is a huge space, a latent demand for Apps Analytics that solve problems of the routine of the companies.


Still according to the surveys, for interviewees one of the main requirements in choosing a BI is security, information integrity and user confidence: these are basic requirements for BI to allow users to explore analyzed content in order to generate and use insights to guide action and make decisions that lead to process improvement, automation of routines, and the consequent release of resources for strategic functions and business growth.


BI provides improved visualization and data management. The self-service format brings the payment of the optimized pricing, guaranteeing an alliance between the investment made and the actual use of the contracted solutions.

In this way, the market shows that it is, rather, prone to invest in technology for business, as long as it is smart - in concept, pricing, use and, especially, the result brought. Any other approach is little allied to the need of today's businesses.


We know that developing your own Analytics environment or even integrating a free option without information governance, over time becomes a nightmare. Other alternatives as international players become expensive and the distribution in their client portfolio does not become commercially flexible. In addition, there is the problem of currency swings, making it a real headache with each new close.

With this in mind, we have created the BIMachine platform, a complete environment for creating analytical applications in Cloud, with which we can develop, standardize and offer analytical applications for the most diverse segments and sizes. Develop once and replicate for your portfolio and if necessary customize case by case. Fast, easy and very profitable.

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