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Data x Opinions - Stop guessing it and start selling it

I think my client will like this or that product. I think in such a sales channel, item X will sell more than Y. I think we need to invest in regions A and B to increase sales.

Many companies still do the reviews and projections of their retail strategies this way, based on opinions. "Thinking" may even have good backing in managers' experience, but they do not guarantee the safety and accuracy that good business management needs.

Improving this strategy provides for moving from opinion to concrete information. And for that, technology is the main ally.

BIMachine greatly improves these data analyzes and strategy design. With tools for collecting, organizing and distributing corporate data, the software allows each department to have the information they need at hand, in an automated, fast, practical way.

With a user-friendly interface, it facilitates use by all users, freeing IT from the work of inserting data into analysis and management systems. And easier use is reflected in more productivity, as each industry will be able to assess the content it needs to more assertively perform its daily routines.

Especially for the commercial area, BIMachine is essential to improve understanding of consumer profiles, demands and behaviors of sales channels, supply needs, promotions-related projections, among other strategies and decisions that accompany the day-to-day business of the retailer and that are critical to the success of your business.

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