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Case: Conecta Softwares

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Conecta Softwares aggregates Analytics resources and creates new product with BIMachine.

Conecta, a Caxias do Sul-RS company specializing in IT services and solutions, has increased its offerings with self-service analytics, broadening the fronts of performance and revenue generation.

In addition to offering Analytic APPs through BI for its customer base, the manufacturer, a specialist in IT services and solutions, will also be adding the software to its new collaboration platform.

Integrated with Conecta's ERP, BIMachine will give users the possibility to have the data captured and informed directly in the management system, as well as, made available in an easy, agile and anywhere, from mobile devices.

Conecta's partner-owner, Jéri Luís Balconi, explains that the market is very demanding because of greater intelligence and with the partnership, the company's customers will, for a small investment, be able to add a powerful BI platform that will deliver refined and assertives informations in the palm of your hands.


Balconi also points out that the company has been seeking for some time a solution with Analytics resources to complement its portfolio, already formed by systems aimed at the segments of: Drugstores, Markets, Distribuitions Centers, Services and Trade in general, besides the collaborative platform of Management of Processes (BPM) and Projects.

"We chose the BIMachine platform because there is, besides a great tool, commitment to the client, which is very close to our values. In addition, there is the state-of-the-art technology used in the BIMachine product, which comes close to our solutions, being developed in the cloud environment and made available natively for the mobile environment, which gives much more decision-making power to managers ", says Balconi .

Conecta Analytics web page

BIMachine's CEO, Douglas Scheibler, points out that the partnership with Conecta contributes to capturing the use of the platform in companies of different segments, sizes and regions. The goal is, along with the partner, to create analytical applications for current base customers and new prospects, increasing the visibility of both brands and products, in a joint work of quality in a transparent and profitable relationship.


In practice, BIMachine partners - such as Conecta - can create their analytics APPs and use them in an embedded way in their solutions, as well as using BIMachine's mobile platform to view information about their ERPs on mobile devices. That is, partners gain mobile functionality for their management systems and further extend the portfolio with analytical capabilities without any investment in software development.

"In this way, the partner expands its offerings to the client portfolio, starting to rely on products that are more competitive vis-à-vis its market and, consequently, with new sources of revenue," says Scheibler.


BIMachine's partnering program comprises offering a solution that enables each channel to add to its offer a complete analytics solution with the gains of a cloud and mobile solution and very affordable costs guaranteed by the Software as a Service (SaaS), which exempts both the partner and the customer from investments in infrastructure and licensing.

In addition, there is the BIM Store, market place with analytic apps ready for the partner to use and offer to their customers, further enhancing the portfolio and revenue generating fronts.

Customer training and certification at BIMachine University, as well as qualification of partner vendors through dedicated support and face-to-face support during projects, expert advice provided by professionals with more than ten years of BI market, are other benefits that BIMachine offers .

"We have consultants dedicated to the business of each partner, we carry out projects assisted so that the teams of the channel absorb all the details based on the know how of our team of specialists. We provide commercial support to enable salespeople in analytics solutions, we give all the technical support to the partner. Our project really foresees a partnership, we want the channel to count with us to increase its range of products and diversify its sources of revenue, as well as improve its sales and service skills. All this so that, in the end, we have a joint growth ", emphasizes the CEO of BIMachine.


By developing an Analytics environment of your own, without a platform, you need to be fully aware of the investment needed and the continuity of this technology. This was one of the reasons that Conecta decided to work with a specialist partner. "It does not make sense for software houses to invest in technologies and processes that are not their core, this is costly and dangerous from the point of view of cash flow and product evolution." emphasizes Balconi.

The tuning of technology, knowledge and expertise has already been demonstrated in practice with the Conecta-BIMachine partnership. "With embedded technology and the knowledge provided by our team, we are already providing direct and fast results to customers. This is fundamental for solutions and companies to consolidate in the market as a reference with their products. Currently, we already have 3 accounts with the new product Conecta Analytics. ", ends.

With a base of 80 active customers, the company expects to operate with the new product at 50% of the base in the first 12 months.

About Connecta Softwares

Conecta is a company of its time, that through technology and vast knowledge, offers the best solution in Information Technology, with products of Management for your company, projects of network and all the infrastructure and security of the information in Windows environment that your business needs. More information:

About BIMachine

BIMachine is a complete platform for creating analytic applications in Cloud. With it we can develop, homologate and offer analytical applications for the most diverse segments and sizes. More information:

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