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BI Volumetry (Business Intelligence) What is the best scenario? The unlimited!

 discussing volumetry

When talking about adopting a management system or BI (Business Intelligence), many factors are at stake: infrastructure, legacy environment, users (human factor), type of technology, intercommunication with other systems and data ... And in this last question , adds another weight: that of information volumetry.

data volumetry

It is not possible to think of a system that works with data without taking into account its capacity. After all, how much data can he work in excellent conditions? Is there a risk of overloading or stopping?

Therefore, the volumetric requirement is essential. Without taking it into account, the risk of going through major problems with the system in the future becomes high.

Thus, when thinking about a system of BI (Business Intelligence) and BA (Business Analytics), which have in the data their fundamental raw material, volumetry is a key point.

And, contrary to what many people think, it is unhealthy to be concerned about volumetry only for Database projects or hardware for storing systems and information. Believe: the bank and the infra may hold up, but if your BI and BA are not prepared, your content may be too much for their capacity, and the analyzes will fail.


Before adopting a system of this line, then, ask yourself: what are my databases? (Because a BI does not only work with the bank, but also other integrated materials and systems). What is my volume of documents involved with BI (Business Intelligence) and BA (Business Analytics)? How many points in my business will be served by BI (Business Intelligence) and BA (Business Analytics), and how many data source platforms does each and every one have?

It may sound pretty complicated, but the good news is that there are BI and BA systems that are risk free if the answer to the above questions is a "MUCH" unanimous. Systems like BIMachine, which work with any volumetric index, no matter how high, without losing capacity, nor generating stops in the provision of analyzes, graphs, reports and other resources.

Data analysis, generation of insights, power of decision: much benefit, without prejudice of gaps by high volumetry. Think about it in your next choice.

Written by Augusto Felck

BIMachine CTO

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